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They will obtain penalties & interest.

They will keep 110% of what they recover.

When I hired them they were FSTN and in the last correspondence I received their letter head had changed to Safe Tax Help. I understand, as FSTN they had received 40+ Better Business Bureau complaints... They are after your penalties and interest and will use your disdain toward the service against you. My story is they did recover over $1200 but billed me for $1400. I lost $161 in the process which lasted over 2 years. It is a legalized ponzi and I was the mark.

Don't you be their next victim...

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How interesting Jerry Adams should comment, maybe his other 2 personalities would like to join in.He should be in jail with all the other scammers taking advantage of people having hard times.If they do such great work, why are there so many complaints on every website?

Someone put this liar behind bars.Jerry how do you sleep at night with the evil web of deceipt you have woven?


This is not true. They do good work.

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